4 Reasons to Love the Hotel Reichshof Hamburg

Hotel Reichshof Hamburg Germany

When it came time to decide where to stay while visiting Hamburg, Germany, there was little choice. I knew immediately where I wanted to call home for a few days, the Hotel Reichshof Hamburg. What first drew me to the property was their affiliation with the Curio Collection, but I soon learned there are plenty of reasons to love this heritage property in its own right. So when you find yourself in Hamburg the next time, look no further than this remarkable hotel for these reasons and more.

Curio Collection

Last year I had the great opportunity to stay at my first Curio Collection property in Philadelphia and almost immediately I was hooked. The Reichshof Hamburg is the third hotel I’ve patronized in the collection and I certainly hope it’s not the last, but what exactly is the Curio Collection? Curio – A Collection by Hilton is a set of upscale hotels and resorts handpicked for their unique character and personality. In trade terms, Curio is known as a soft brand. All that means is that while Hilton supports the hotels, the hotels retain their own branding. The properties are carefully selected based on their character and for offering a truly unique local experience. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I first learned about this concept because I firmly believe that it’s the future of upscale travel. Not only that, but if any hotel exemplifies that commitment to unique experiences, it’s the Reichshof Hamburg.


For me, location is one of the determining factors when I choose a hotel to patronize, and the Hotel Reichshof location in Hamburg couldn’t have been better for me. Located across the street from the main train station, it made my getting in and out of the city effortless. A fast train connection from the airport meant that I was standing in the lobby of the hotel not long after landing in Hamburg. Not having to trek all around town, learning a new public transportation system while incredibly jet-lagged was a godsend and made my re-introduction to the city much more pleasant than it otherwise would have been. Its location near the train station wasn’t only convenient when I arrived though, it made my entire sightseeing experience in Hamburg simple and convenient. Using a Hamburg Card, I enjoyed free access to public transportation throughout my visit, and it really is the best way to navigate through this large city. The major tourist sights are all within easy walking distance of stations, and the Reichshof Hamburg location next door to the central station was ideal. The neighborhood immediately surrounding the Reichshof also has plenty to offer, including some amazing restaurants in case you want to venture out a few times.

The Food

Speaking of food, one of the great hallmarks of any Curio Collection hotel is the culinary offerings, and that held true at the Reichshof Hamburg. Making full use of their unique history, the restaurant and lounge spaces all embrace the Golden Age of Travel. In the period Bar 1910, you can order up classic cocktails, originals from the 1920s when this style of drink quickly became the rage around the world. When the dinner bell rings, you can enjoy a light bite in the bar or lounge, but for a true experience don’t miss the Stadt Restaurant. Here Chef Mario Regensburg creates seasonal dishes inspired by what he can find locally. When I visited, the chef offered a special tasting menu to guests as well as more traditional German specialties offered year round. No matter how you choose to enjoy the culinary side of the Reichshof Hotel, just be sure you do, it’s a highlight of the experience.

History and Ambience

What I loved perhaps the most though about staying at the Reichshof Hamburg though was the way in which it embraces its long history. First opening its doors in 1910, the original owners of the hotel went to every length to ensure that the Reichshof was the epitome of luxury and refinement in the first quarter of the century. Since its recent refurbishment, that same spirit has been embraced and because it’s a historic building, those original columns and archways enjoyed by the elite of the 1920s are still enjoyed by the modern traveler. I love not only when hotels have an incredible history, but when that same history is embraced and cherished. Everywhere I looked around the hotel I found little nuggets of design or embellishment that simply don’t exist anywhere else. That’s special and is just another reason why this is truly one of Hamburg’s most extraordinary hotels.

It can be a challenge to decide on a hotel to call home when we travel, the decision oftentimes defining how we first experience a new city. That’s one reason why I personally love staying at Curio Collection properties and the beautiful Reichshof Hotel was no exception. From well-designed and modern rooms to the period design of the lobby, it’s hard not to feel like a member of the elite as soon as you step over the threshold. From my point of view although it’s my third time visiting Hamburg and the third hotel I’ve tried, I know there will never be a fourth. I can’t imagine visiting this dynamic Hanseatic city again without calling the Hotel Reichshof Hamburg home.

By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

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