Travel News: January 3, 2017

Gold Coast Australia

Airlines, Now More Proactive on Weather, Allow Fliers to Shift Own Travel Plans
New York Times

A few days before his flight home to Seattle from Tokyo in October, Bruce Ryan learned that a windstorm might disrupt air travel in the Pacific Northwest.

So he was pleasantly surprised to find that Alaska Airlines had issued a “weather waiver” in advance of the possible storm. It allowed passengers flying in or out of the affected area to make no-cost changes to their itineraries on their own, without speaking to a representative.

Many other airlines are now doing likewise, recognizing that they can make life easier for themselves and their passengers by anticipating weather delays and putting travel changes in the hands of their customers (and their smartphones) before the situation escalates into an act-of-God crisis.


Turkey faces tourist exodus after terror attacks

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the assault on the Reina nightclub, which left 39 dead and injured dozens. Those killed hailed from 14 countries, including Canada, Russia and India.

It’s the latest in a string of terror attacks that have damaged the country’s tourism sector.

As recently as 2014, Turkey ranked as the world’s sixth most popular tourism spot — just behind Italy — welcoming about 40 million visitors per year.

But visits have declined sharply after a failed coup and attacks carried out by ISIS and Kurdish militants. According to travel intelligence firm ForwardKeys, the number of tourists entering Turkey via airports fell 21% in 2016.


Massive lines at US airports after nationwide customs outage
The Verge

A problem in the computer systems used by United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) authorities has left thousands stuck in airports and unable to enter the country. Officials from the CBP confirmed to CBS News that the outage was nationwide, after many passengers took to Twitter, expressing their frustration at being stranded and sharing photos of huge lines.


Hong Kong Investor Unveils Australia’s First Six-Star Beachfront Hotel
Business Wire

Investment group Aquis Australia has unveiled plans for a new $AUD440 million luxury hotel on a prime beachfront position in the tourist mecca of Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia.

The 48-level complex will include 580 hotel rooms and suites as well as the Gold Coast’s premier dining and entertainment facilities. A Development Application has been lodged with local authorities.

It is the only new, large-scale hotel currently planned for south–east Queensland and comes as the Gold Coast records its highest ever levels of tourist visitation.

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