Travel News: July 21, 2016

Sydney Australia

Virgin Australia Los Angeles flights: New business class, premium economy launched

Virgin Australia has launched its new international business, premium and economy classes on Wednesday at a ceremony at Los Angeles International Airport, along with announcing that the airline would introduce Wi-Fi on both international and domestic flights next year.

Virgin’s Boeing 777s are progressively being refitted with the new cabin layouts, with 37 business class seats, 24 premium seats and 278 in economy. The new configuration is expected to be on all five of the airline’s 777s by September.


Nearly one in ten US hotels try to capture some Pokemon Go action

There are always bandwagons to jump on and now there is Pokemon Go, one of the most high-profile mobile phenomenon of recent years.

The Niantic-run application, for those with their heads in the sand for the last few weeks, is a game that lets players capture, battle and train virtual “Pokemons” that materialise in the real world of a user’s mobile smartphone.

Since its gradual release around the world since early-July, Pokemon Go has beaten the previous record held by the Candy Crush game as the most popular mobile game and has led to all sorts of amusing (and, on some occasions, dangerous) scenes where dozens of users have been wandering around open spaces as they operate their Pokemons.


Mountain goat dies because tourists couldn’t stop taking pics

A mountain goat drowned after photo-taking onlookers crowded the wild animal at a boat harbor in Seward, Alaska, and it leaped from rocks into the ocean, an official said.

The mountain goat’s appearance on the rocks of a breakwater at Seward harbor, less than 130 miles (209km) south of Anchorage, was unusual and caused a stir, Alaska Department of Public Safety spokesman Tim DeSpain said by phone.

Mountain goats are often seen in the cliffs above the town, which has a population of less than 3,000 people and attracts tourists, but not in the city itself, he said.


United latest to partner with TSA for ‘automated’ security lanes
USA Today

United Airlines has become the latest big U.S. carrier to say it’s teaming up with the Transportation Security Administration to speed up the screening process.

United says its collaboration with the TSA will bring automated security screening lanes to several of its busiest hub airports, starting with Newark Liberty by this fall. Chicago O’Hare and Los Angeles also will get the modernized checkpoints.

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