Fascinating Street Art Around The World: Photo Series

Street and graffiti art in recent years has been elevated from being an arrestable offense, to something cities now actively try to promote. Whether they create separate areas for these avant-garde artists, or pay them to create their masterpieces, it seems that street art has found a new home firmly entrenched in the main stream. I’ve noticed many of these celebrated works of spray painted art on my travels, so today I thought I’d share some of the best examples I’ve found on a variety of city streets and alleyways around the world.

Soweto, South Africa
Berlin, Germany
Ghent Graffiti
Ghent, Belgium
melbourne laneway musicians
Melbourne, Australia
Angoulême, France
Angoulême, France
New Orleans
New Orleans
Khaosan Road in Bangkok
London East End UK
Belfast Northern Ireland
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Cape Town, South Africa
Kinston North Carolina
Kinston North Carolina
Adelaide Australia
Adelaide, Australia
Berlin, Germany
harbour island bahamas
Girona, Spain
Budapest Hungary
Budapest Hungary
Cuzco Peru
Cuzco Peru
Hamburg germany
Hamburg Germany
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