Some Of My Must-Have Travel Items

As a frequent traveler there are a lot of things on my wish list; a few handy items that would make my time on the road a lot easier. I decided to expand this want-list into what I believe are some convenient items for all travelers to pick up. To help prepare, the fine folks over at American Express reached out to me to put together my travel must-haves, all using Member Rewards® points.

This post is sponsored by American Express on behalf of the Membership Rewards Program, but all words, thoughts, opinions and fun I had in putting this together are entirely mine.


1. Tumi Tegra-Lite Medium Trip Expandable Suitcase

Sadly, I am not one of those people who can throw something into a daypack and manage to survive a weeklong trip. No, I’m a suitcase kind of guy and it’s important to me to have one that is well-made, attractive, lightweight and practical. I’ve gone through a lot of bags in my life, but this one by Tumi looks like the perfect bag for me. The case is hard bodied, which I like, and I think looks beautiful. As long as it’s sturdy and as light as I think it is, this would be perfect for me.

2. Mophie Juice Pack Helium Battery Case for iPhone

Given the nature of my job, I’m in constant need of power for my iPhone. When I travel I share as much as I can while I’m actually traveling, but I need a working phone in order for that to happen. I’ve gone through a lot of portable batteries, some better than others but all of them have eventually died. I’m not sure why, but 6 months seems to be their lifespan. A lot of my friends though use the Mophie battery and they swear by them. Honestly, I really should have bought one by now but since I haven’t, it’s the perfect splurge item to use those Membership Rewards Points on.


3. The Live Video Camera Drone

Ok, this probably isn’t all that likely, but I want a drone. It doesn’t have to be the biggest or the best, but I would love to have one for photography. Some of my blogger friends have taken the plunge and bought drones and the videos and shots they’ve produced is amazing. Imagine getting video of a city from high above; something only attainable by helicopter until just a couple of years ago. I’m not great with gadgets, so there’s a slight chance I would crash it into something, but I’m willing to take the risk to get amazing footage.


4. Men’s Wool Plaid Bomber Jacket

I’m not what one would call a fashion maven. I own clothes, they sort of match but it’s just not something that I think a lot about. I’d really love to change that though and the first step is to make sure I’m looking good this winter. I think that a well tailored coat can do a lot for someone’s look, and this beauty from Lands’ End has my name written all over it. Sure, a green plaid bomber jacket may not be the first thing one considers when choosing wintery clothes, but I think it looks great. It’s wool, so I’ll be warm, but the look is different than boring navy blue pea coats you see everywhere. The jacket reflects my personality, which is what appeals to me the most.

5. Travel Adapter 

They may not be sexy, but this is something every traveler definitely needs. I’ve wasted so much money on cheaper travel adapters; parts of a set that I undoubtedly always lose. This set in particular looks like the perfect solution, easy to use, compact and most importantly durable. Plus they’re good to use in more than 150 countries, just about everywhere I want to go!

6. Bose QuietComfort 20i 

These have been the list of the frequent and business traveler for years; and with good reason. Bose was an early innovator when it comes to this technology and their products are still the best on the market. Nowadays they have tons of options from which to choose, but if I had to pick the perfect one for me it’d be their in-ear version. Honestly, what’s kept me from buying these in the past has been their bulk, so this small, easy to carry version is the ideal not just for me but any space-conscious traveler.

7. Nikon Nikkor AF-S – Telephoto zoom lens

Ok, this one is for the hard-core photography geeks out there. DSLR cameras are coveted by most serious travelers, as are the all-so-important lenses. There are lenses for every type of activity you will do, but the telephoto is one of the most important. This beautiful lens is 80 mm – 400 mm, allowing for a variety of situations both near and far. Really far. And with the impressive vibration reduction, tripods are nice but certainly not necessary.

These are just some of the many travel must-haves I think every great traveler should have. Even better if you can use #MembershipRewards points from American Express to pick them up.

What must have travel items would you get with your your Membership Rewards points?

By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

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