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Wild Atlantic Way Ireland

The Travel Bite

We all have fears and for whatever reason, many of us choose to confront those phobias when we travel. I’ve written about this phenomenon before, but there’s something liberating about travel that gives us this courage. I confronted my fear of heights this year when I jumped off of the largest bungee swing in the world and in this post Rachelle shares her own fear and how she has dealt with it. Take a read and share what it is that terrifies you.

Overcoming A Fear Of Horses

Otts World

Some trips are more important for others, and for both Sherry and I that trip was Antarctica. Take a look at this beautiful post to learn why it was so important to her and marvel at the gorgeous photos she thankfully shared with us.

Remembering Antarctica

Mrs. O Around the World

I love this post because Silva does a wonderful job not just describing fun ways to see Rome, but how easy it is to add a touch of luxury to the trip. So many people have the wrong idea of what luxury travel really is, but this post beautifully shows what a trip should look like.

A lux weekend in Rome

Just Chuckin’ It

I’m a huge fan of this site mostly because of the honesty and real feelings expressed. It’s nice to read about someone as enthusiastic as Ryan is. He’s had many obstacles in his life though and this post does a great job in describing how he finally freed himself from some destructive cycles.

This is how travel blogging saved my life and how it can change yours

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  1. Ryan

    Thank you for including me good sir, I’m honored and humbled again! I love this list this week, all stories mostly about fears and struggles of travel. Great collection!


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