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1. A Pair & A Spare

Today I’m deviating a little bit to include this thought provoking article about the real process of living a better life. No, that’s not quite right, a different life, a richer life. I really enjoyed reading through this post and appreciate the lessons shared here. I also appreciate the very kind mention of one of my favorite posts, Stop Marking Time In Your Life. You can’t believe how heart warming it is to hear that something you wrote helped someone else and that, that is the reason why I love blogging as much as I do.

Do What You Love


2. The Traveling Philosopher

I’m a Southern guy, well sort of. I’ve lived in 12 states but many of those states were in the South and so I claim it. So does Spencer, which is why I was first drawn to this post. It’s honestly been years since I’ve been to Nashville, a place I didn’t care for at the time. This post has me rethinking my perceptions though not only of Nashville, but of how the New South has evolved over the last few years. So go take a read and try to tell me this doesn’t make you want to pack your bags for Music City.

Falling Back in Love with the South in Nashville


3. GloboTreks

There are certain epic adventures that almost never fail to stir my wandering spirit and the Mongol Rally is one of them. I’ve never attempted this amazing race and I’m not sure if I ever will, but I truly love reading the adventures of those who do. This is the latest in a series of posts by Norbert who did have the guts and determination to start and finish the rally.

Mongol Rally: Getting Lost in Mongolia


4. Just Chuckin’ It

For some reason, and I don’t know the why, some people lose sight of what a blog really is. Independent travel blogs are not meant to be a substitute for CNN; most of us aren’t journalists and would never pretend to be. A truly great blog is one that weaves the creator’s unique personality throughout every post that is published. That’s what all travel bloggers should strive to do and it’s what Ryan understood right from the beginning. He’s about to embark on a journey of discovery; one that was not easy to accomplish and one that has already changed him (positively) just in its preparation. His trip will be important to follow, so start now with this post.

24 Hrs Until Departure, and I Failed at Saving for Travel

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