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Park Guell Barcelona

1. Budget Traveller

This is a very interesting and personal look at why the author, Kash, has taken Barcelona off of his visit list indefinitely. While I can’t relate to the particular experience, the sentiments I do understand and have been in similar situations. I’m curious, what would you do if the tables were turned?

Why I won’t be going back to Barcelona

2. Leave Your Daily Hell

One of the great pleasures of travel is being surprised, hopefully in a good way, by the people and places we discover. I think that’s why I like this post so much, Robert’s joy not necessarily about the destination, but for the act of discovery itself comes through richly not just thanks to his writing, but the beautiful photos as well.

The Wild Streets of Bucharest

3. Waegook Tom

While I’ve never been to Korea, I’ve wanted to for quite some time and a recent trip to Taiwan has reminded me how much I enjoy traveling in Asia. I’ll bookmark this post to reread when I do make it to Seoul, the recommendations and photos are both marvelous.

Secret Eats in Seoul

4. Engineer on the Road

Travel blogs provide a great service I feel, for our honest look at destinations as well as the timeliness of our writing. Both are well evidenced in this really interesting post by Josh. I love it because it’s just a very honest look at how he experienced Yangon and what it meant to him. The observations are quirky and even odd, but they help paint a picture no guide book will replicate.

Curious Observations from my Time in Yangon

By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

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