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Santorini, Greece

1. The Roaming Boomers

How to access your money while traveling overseas is one of the most common questions I get, and with good reason. The advice varies widely and with all the conversion rates and options it is indeed confusing. This is a great post to understand the best ways to deal with money while traveling and I agree with all of the points except for one. But I won’t tell you which one.

7 Currency Exchange Tips for International Travelers


2. Traveling Philosopher

Spencer and I think a lot alike, which is to say probably too much. We are both the kind of spirit that takes solace in what some might call the over analysis of situations. But it’s who we are and because of that I always look forward to his new and expertly written posts. This one is of course no different and I challenge you to read it without being both moved and inspired at the same time.

Falling in Love…with the Journey to a Place Called Home – Part 2


3. Just Chuck’ It

Yup, I’m highlighting Ryan again and that’s because I think you all need to start reading his site. Some great, honest writing going on there and it really is nice to see. Personally, I enjoyed this post because I have had a staunch anti-bucket list position for a long time and I’m thrilled I finally know someone who agrees with me.

Why I think Bucket Lists are Rubbish (Re-Inventing the Bucket)


4. Twenty-Something Travel

Even though I’ve been there I really don’t know a lot about Indianapolis, but after reading this post I do know that they have great food. Take a peek and see if you don’t agree that these are all drool-worthy photos.

Eating Indianapolis

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  1. Spencer Spellman

    Some great company to be in. Thanks for including me Matt!

  2. Ryan

    Awesome picks and thanks for including me as well Matt! Never knew about your disdain for Bucket Lists!


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