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Milna, Croatia

1. Waegook Tom

A few years ago I discovered a strange thing on a bridge in Europe, a series of locks chained to a bridge with initials on them. I was intrigued and decided to learn more about them. The story of their origination is fascinating, as is how many strange places they can be found. This post is a great collection of some of the best love locks photos from around the world.

Love Locks Around The World

2. The Travel Bite

This is a great story of a foodie who met her match while traveling through Croatia. I don’t just love the post because I happened to be there with Rachelle, but because it shows that everyone, even a foodie, has foods that they don’t like. It makes me as a picky eater feel better about my own culinary habits. Plus this is just a really fun read.

Confessions Of A Foodie: Croatia Edition

3. Brendan’s Adventures

I followed Brendan’s extensive adventure through Africa with interest and jealousy. It was a remarkable trip, made possible by the purchase of a scooter Brendan named Anne Murray, a quirky nod to his own Canadian heritage. This is the story of saying goodbye to his loyal companion, a narrative as funny as it is heartwarming.

Selling Anne Murray

4. Y Travel Blog

Earlier this week I wrote about how to find and live your passion. It’s something I believe in and it’s a way in which I really want to help people. This wonderful and intensely personal post by Craig hits along similar themes in a way that is incredibly inspirational. Trust me, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and read this post in its entirety. It is heartwarming, motivating and just damn good.

I want to know your secret

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By: Matt Long

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2 Responses

  1. Caz Craig Makepeace (@yTravelBlog)

    Thank you so much for including Craig’s post Matt. It was a very brave one to right and a painful experience. Even worse living through it 🙂

    We’re just so glad that something great has come from that experience and we can now share to help others.

    • Matt Long

      Those are the hardest to write, but which give the most value; not just to the reader but yourselves as well. You all are awesome and I really love what you’ve done.


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