News and Deals: August 9, 2013 – In Nairobi’s airport fire, looting and big tourism losses for Kenya, Ninja camp trains tourist novices, Famed ‘Love Boat’ makes final voyage to scrapyard and President Obama Says It: Don’t Stop Traveling

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In Nairobi’s airport fire, looting and big tourism losses for Kenya
Los Angeles Times

As Kenya struggled to contain the economic damage of Wednesday’s airport inferno, embarrassing reports emerged that members of emergency crews looted the deserted building as it blazed.

Kenya’s NTV reported that foreign exchange bureaus at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi had been broken into and robbed during and after the fire. News agencies said ATMs and a safe also were targets of looters.

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Ninja camp trains tourist novices

Ever fantasised about throwing a ninja star? No? Perhaps silent stealth is a more useful skill for the 21st century.

In Japanese folklore, ninjas were some of the country’s most legendary assassins but now tourists can heed the call of the black robes too.

Anyone fascinated by ninja culture and in possession of a warrior spirit can learn what it takes to become a modern-day fighter spy at a camp in Iga, east of Osaka.

Hopefuls are told they will be schooled in skills essential to ninjitsu warfare, such as the arts of espionage, sabotage and infiltration.

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Famed ‘Love Boat’ makes final voyage to scrapyard
USA Today

One of the most famous cruise ships of the modern era, the former Pacific Princess, has made a final voyage to a scrapyard in Turkey, Reuters is reporting.

The news service says the 42-year-old vessel, recognizable to millions of Americans as the “Love Boat” of 1970s television, will be dismantled for its metal and parts.

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President Obama Says It: Don’t Stop Traveling
Condé Nast Traveler

The President gets it. Asked by Jay Leno on The Tonight Show Tuesday night if we should respond to the State Department’s travel warning by canceling trips to—for example, Europe—he shook his head vigorously. It was clear that he wanted no such response.

We should, he said, go about our summer vacations in a “prudent way” and added: “The odds of dying in a terrorist attack are a lot lower than they are of dying in a car accident, unfortunately.”

There was a distinct feeling that this level-headed statement came from his own personal assessment of the risks—and considering that Obama really does know what the real threats are out there with a depth of knowledge that we can never have, this brings a welcome touch of sanity.

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