Bahamian Luxury – The Dunmore Resort on Harbour Island

harbour island bahamas the dunmore

In January Bahamas Tourism invited me on a brief trip to Eleuthera, one of the Out Islands. While there I enjoyed beautiful beaches and warm hospitality, but also some great accommodations. My favorite was the Dunmore, located on the even smaller Harbour Island. As always, even though the hotel hosted me all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

I liked Harbour Island a lot, it’s hard not to like a place where the most common mode of transportation is the golf cart. It’s a challenge to find a bad place to stay to be honest, but I have to think that the Dunmore is one of the better properties on the island. The hotel is made up of a series of private cottages on a hill facing the ocean. The trees and gardens provide a private feeling, even though the hotel is almost always full. That privacy though was one of my favorite features and ultimately what made this a true luxury experience.

It’s the Bahamas, so of course the hotel also sits on the beach, providing easy access to the ocean. There’s also a heated pool just in case the weather isn’t cooperating, an all too rare occurrence in the islands. My room was comfortable and clean, but nothing extraordinary. Just a nice place to relax. That’s the best way I’d describe the entire resort actually, nothing unique or notable per se, but a relaxing place to decompress for a few days.

Harbour Island, The Bahamas

The hotel also features a restaurant that serves three meals a day and while the food is delicious, it was also extraordinarily expensive. I can understand eating breakfast there, but there is no reason to spend hundreds of dollars on dinner when better and cheaper options are a quick golf cart ride away.

But that’s not why one visits the Dunmore on Harbour Island. One visits to get away from phone calls and emails, crying children and other modern day annoyances. For that ability to provide comfort and privacy, the hotel really is a great option.

By: Matt Long

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