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Travaasa Hana

1. Velvet Escape

I love creative ways in which writers craft new blog posts, and this is a great one by Keith of Velvet Escape. In it he uses 12, as in 12-12-2012, to share some of his favorite places and experiences around the world.

Travel in 12′s


2. Wild Junket

There are a few places in the world where I REALLY want to go, and Nellie has been exploring one that is near the top of my list – the top of the world. She’s racing around the frozen north, sharing some amazing stories and photos along the way. In this one she shines a bright light on Finnish Lapland.

Huskies, Reindeers and Santa in the Finnish Lapland

3. Vagabond3

I had the opportunity to explore some pretty amazing places this year and one of my favorites was Maui. I know Maui isn’t exactly a hard place to like, but I was thrilled to see this post and to also see how much they loved one of my favorite island experiences – The Road to Hana.

Twin Falls Maui: Exploring the Road to Hana

4. A Dangerous Business

Christmas is a special time in many places around the world and it’s also one of my favorite times to travel in Europe. I don’t go for the religious aspect, but for the secular. I love wandering through the Christmas markets and learning about the specific traditions each country enjoys. I’ve never been to Poland, but this post makes me want to plan a trip and especially during the holidays.

Guest Post: Christmas in Poland

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