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Chent Christmas Market

1. Amateur Traveler

I love to travel and there are very few places in this world where I don’t want to visit at least once. There are some places though that fascinate me for one reason or another, usually I don’t even now why I obsess over certain destinations. Malta is on my obsession list. Until the day I finally get to visit I instead live vicariously through posts like this one that reveal more reasons to love this strange and undeniably beautiful place.

7 Things the Guidebooks Won’t Tell You About Malta

2. Traveling Canucks

Who doesn’t love a Christmas Market, I mean really. Great food, fun activities and a festive atmosphere make these seasonal carnivals a lot of fun to visit. Most people think that you have to visit Europe for the best market experiences, but based on this post I’d say that’s absolutely not true.

Get Festive at Canada’s Favourite Christmas Markets

3. Easy Hiker

Just when I thought I’d read just about everything to do with Paris, I found this great post about the more active side of the City of Lights. This is a great resource whether or not you want to spend all day outside or if you’re just looking for the perfect picnic spot.

Walking in Parisian Parks

4. Lee Abbamonte

I joined Lee and others in New York recently for the final 2012 event in the Marriott + WIRED Insider Culturazzi series. I’ve been really impressed with the series and have had a lot of fun at each one. Lee does a great job encapsulating the latest event.

A Night of Culturazzi in New York

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    Thanks for the shout out amigo!

  2. cosmoHallitan

    Great choices, as always! How do you come up with your weekly picks, especially the ones for the relatively unknown bloggers? If someone had a post that they were particularly proud of or knew of a great one out there that deserved some love, how could they bring it to your attention?


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