Three Things You Don’t Have to Worry About This Week – December 10, 2012 Edition

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1. How to Blow $750 Million – Ultra rich and tired of hanging onto all that money? Don’t worry, a new start-up company is here to help. The Golden Spike Co., led by a team of formed NASA execs, will begin offering seats to visit the moon starting in 2020 at a rock bottom price of $750 million per seat. Dear God. But this isn’t a Richard Branson, Let’s Go Hang Around in Near Space kind of flight. This is the moon. This is you landing on the moon. This is you being one of only a handful of people in the history of mankind to have done such a thing. But this is also $750 million, which is also why the company will be targeting other nations for the most part who want the prestige of having landed someone on the moon. Or better said, the prestige of hiring a U.S. based start-up company to land someone on the moon. But in case you have done exceptionally well in the markets and don’t want to hang on to all that pesky cash, this is the perfect Christmas present for you.


2. Ever being comfortable on a plane again – That’s because the International Air Transport Association recently released a report stating that in 2016 more than 3.6 billion passengers will take to the friendly skies. That’s 800 million more people than flew in 2011 and represents half of the world’s population. Half. Most of these new frequent flyer wannabes will fly on domestic routes with China leading the way for incoming new passengers. So if you think that the airlines are cramped, inefficient and overall a depressing, dehumanizing experience now, just wait. Pretty soon this will be considered the Golden Age of flying.

 Elephants Zimbabwe

3. Finding the best poo-related holiday present – In what I can only describe as gross, there is a new most expensive coffee on the market and it’s made from, wait for it, elephant dung. At a reserve in northern Thailand, producers are using coffee beans digested by the elephants in a new $500/pound coffee called Black Ivory Coffee. Apparently the process of digestion breaks done the bitterness of the beans themselves and also imparts, um, other flavors. Good ones apparently because affluent drinkers are willing to pay up to $50 a cup for this unique brew. While I appreciate the fact the owners are trying to find new ways to conserve the elephant species, I’m pretty sure I’d be in the doghouse if I paid $500 to bring home poo-infused coffee. But hey, it would be perfect for the $750 million ride to the moon!

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By: Matt Long

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  1. Sofie

    Poo-coffee. I’m trying to let the idea sink in, but no, it doesn’t.
    I hope they don’t try that shit (look what I did!) with tea leaves…


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