LandLopers Picks of the Week

1. Eurotriptips

The great thing about travel photography is that everyone has the opportunity to be good at it; it’s very egalitarian. That doesn’t mean though that we all don’t need help which is why I love this post. The ideas presented may be simple, but I’m guilty of ignoring the subjects included and I’ll definitely be paying more attention on my next trip.

Travel Photography Series: 5 Things You Need to Take More Photos Of

2. Ott’s World

Halloween is almost here, and so are some fantastic themed posts, including this one by Sherry. Instead of being scary though, this feature includes stunning photos of cemeteries around the world adding a new point of view to the traditional scary meme.

Wandering Through Cemeteries

3. Mallory on Travel

As a huge James Bond film I’m of course excited about the new film, which is why I couldn’t wait to read this new post by world traveler Iain Mallory. In it he expertly details some of the many travel and life lessons we can all learn from Mr. Bond. James Bond.

What James Bond can teach us about travel


4. Downtown Traveler

Finally, I want to end this week’s Picks of the Week on a fun note. Halloween is almost here and if you don’t have your costume ready to go, this is the post for you. Go take a peek at some of the best costumes you’ll find anywhere.

PHOTOS: 25 badass costumes and weapons at NY Comic Con 2012

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  1. Leslie (Downtown Traveler)

    Thanks for including our costume post! I loved visiting NY Comic Con and was inspired by all the great fan costumes. I ended up being a Japanese schoolgirl for Halloween 🙂


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