News and Deals: October 18, 2012 – American Airlines still expected to spin off affiliate American Eagle, USA’s most expensive hotel located in Montana, Airline Executives Urge Airport Security Overhaul and Spirit Airlines ad mocks Mitt Romney debate line

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American Airlines still expected to spin off affiliate American Eagle

The CEO of American Eagle says he expects that the regional affiliate of American Airlines will still be sold or spun off as a separate company after American emerges from bankruptcy protection.

American’s parent AMR Corp. twice tried to unload Eagle, then shelved the idea when it filed for Chapter 11 protection last November.
Eagle CEO Daniel Garton said in an interview with The Associated Press this week that AMR will revisit the issue.

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USA’s most expensive hotel located in Montana

The Ranch at Rock Creek, located close to the historic mining town of Philipsburg, Montana, is the most expensive hotel in the USA.

That’s according to a recent survey conducted by The survey specifically compared luxury hotels in the USA for the period spanning June through September 2012.

In order to stay at the Ranch at Rock Creek over the extended summer season, travelers had to spend an average of $2279 per night. And even at that price they had to stay in the most affordable double room.

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Airline Executives Urge Airport Security Overhaul

Airport security needs to undergo a radical overhaul or else passengers will become further disgruntled, lines will grow and terminals will be overwhelmed, airline executives said Tuesday at a global aviation conference.

“We simply can’t cope with the expected volume of passengers with the way things are today,” said Tony Tyler, director general and CEO of the International Air Transport Association, the airlines’ trade group.

Tyler spoke at an airlines conference held in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

He predicted that by 2020, governments will be using a “checkpoint of the future” where passengers can race though without stopping, removing clothing, or taking liquids and laptops out of bags.

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Spirit Airlines ad mocks Mitt Romney debate line
USA Today

Mitt Romney is the latest figure to be targeted in one of Spirit Airlines’ irreverent advertising campaigns.

In a fares promotion out this afternoon, Spirit Airlines tells would-be customers via e-mail that “We’ve got tons of binders full of sales.”

Spirit follows with: “Women will love them!”

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