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Canadian sled dog

1. Vagabond3

I’m of a mixed mind when it comes to bucket lists. I don’t like the concept for myself, but I enjoy reading what other people consider their dream travel experiences. That’s why this was such a fun post. Go, read and be inspired.

Epic Summer Bucket Lists from Travel Bloggers

2. A Dangerous Business

I enjoyed this post because I’d never heard of Sighisoara before and I love learning about cool, new places. Take a look and see what apparently makes this city in Romania so great.

5 Things to Love About Sighisoara, Romania

3. Nerd’s Eye View

Ok, this is inside travel blogging baseball, but an important and interesting piece. In a thoughtful and passionate rant, Pam examines the world of bloggers who work for free and the businesses that don’t really recognize our true value.

Do You Know Who I Am?

4. Red Hunt Travel

There seem to be a lot of travel related memes going around, but I particularly enjoyed participating in this one. Many bloggers have created their own photo entries, including this great set of photos from Red Hunt Travel.

Capture the Colour: From White Boobies to Red Geckos

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  1. Jade

    Thanks for including our bucket list post, Matt. I used to hate bucket list, coming from a “just go do it” mentality… but I think I’m slowly changing my mind. A few friends have created 30 before 30 lists (a short bucket list type of thing for just one year) and it’s been amazing their dedication and commitment to checking things off and doing them. One friend who never really understood why I traveled so much ( I know, it’s amazing how we were friends for so long), she finally booked her first ticket to travel overseas- a two week trip to Europe. Obviously she is going to come back a changed person and see how amazing travel is. Anyway- long rant, but I’m excited and really appreciate you including our post!


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