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1. Otts World

I find Sherry fascinating for a lot of different reasons; her adventures though never fail to enthrall me. This year is no different as I’ve been following her arduous hike on the Camino de Santiago, an ancient pilgrimage trail across Spain. I’m not sure I know why she decided to start the hike, but I’m not sure she is either. Regardless, her story of struggle and the amazing photos make this an event worth following.

Postcard from Carrion de los Condes Spain

2. The Taste of Travel

I’ve said it a million times, food and travel are inseparable, as this post shows. I’m so intrigued by this concept it’s hard to resist the temptation to fly to Australia to try them. Regardless, this very strange dessert sounds amazing.

#FridayFoodPhoto – Ice Cream Dumplings

3. Chicky Bus

As travel writers, bloggers and photographers we place a lot of stress on ourselves that we’re actually doing some good in the world and not being disrespectful of the communities through which we travel. This post addresses a tricky subject, one on which I’d be curious to hear your thoughts.

Photographing Cemeteries—Where Do You Draw the Line?

4. Bacon is Magic

Molokai has intrigued me since I read Michener’s epic tome “Hawaii,” in which the island’s history is featured. I think I may get a chance to visit this tiny island soon, but even if I don’t its history and courageous spirit should be remembered by all.

Remembering the exiled of Hawaii

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2 Responses

  1. Ayngelina

    Thanks for the mention, if you get a chance definitely go. But don’t take the ferry, everyone is always sick on it and a flight is only $20 more.

  2. Lisa @chickybus

    Thanks for listing my post here, Matt! Cemetery photography has been–and continues–to be a fascinating discussion. Nice to see people really thinking and talking about it.


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