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Geyser Field in Iceland

1. A Dangerous Business

Iceland is an incredibly beautiful country and it’s hard not to find something at which to marvel. This post highlights the photogenic nature of the island country and if you haven’t been, you’ll want to after seeing these amazing photos.

The Sights of Iceland’s South Shore

2. Wild Junket

Nellie is an incredibly talented writer and photographer as this post shows. Take a peek at where her travels have taken her and see some amazing photos in the process.

3 Months of Travel in Photos

3. Beers & Beans

I was attracted to this piece because I too am on a quest to see the Northern Lights and while I haven’t had the opportunity yet, posts like this one keep me dreaming.

Seeking the (Northern) Light: A Pilgrimage

4. Downtown Traveler

Especially for Americans, Cuba is an incredibly exotic destination because of how inaccessible it is. While travel restrictions are gradually loosening, it’s still very difficult for Americans to travel there. In the meantime, there are great posts like this one to keep us pining to visit the hardest to reach Caribbean island.

Photo Essay: The two sides of Havana, Cuba

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  1. Amanda

    Thanks for the mention, Matt!

  2. Leah Travels

    Great picks, Matt.

  3. Roy Marvelous

    Good picks. Makes me want to revisit Iceland!!

  4. Spencer

    Looks awesome! I hear alot of great things about Iceland. Might have to put it on my travel wishlist.


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