News and Deals: April 11, 2012 – Huge quake strikes off Indonesia tsunami warning issued, Mexican tourist town says new swingers resort could hurt tourism, Korean Airlines jetliner lands after bomb threat and Fares dropping for Europe cruises

Koh Samui

Huge quake strikes off Indonesia tsunami warning issued

An 8.7 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia on Wednesday, sending residents around the region dashing out of their homes and offices in fear.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said a tsunami watch was in effect for the entire Indian Ocean and individual countries, including Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India, issued tsunami warnings.

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Mexican tourist town says new swingers resort could hurt tourism
‎Fox News

Residents of a small fishing village on Mexico’s Riviera Maya are up in arms about the expansion of a hedonistic swingers club in their town.

Puerto Morelos, a hamlet of just under 10,000 people located about 37 miles south of Cancun on the Yucatán Peninsula, is known as a tourist hot-spot for its secluded beaches, world-class scuba diving and water sports.

But since news broke last year that the town’s family-friendly wedding destination Ceiba del Mar Resort and Spa would be transformed into Desire Resort and Spa — a couples-only, clothing-optional swingers resort – locals have been concerned that tourism will take a hit.

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Korean Airlines jetliner lands after bomb threat
‎The Associated Press

A Korean Airlines Boeing 777 en route from Vancouver to Seoul was diverted to a nearby Canadian Forces base after the airline’s U.S. call center received a bomb threat.

Korean Airlines said in a news release that the call center received the threat Tuesday about 25 minutes after take-off from Vancouver International Airport. Airline officials said they decided to turn the aircraft around.

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Fares dropping for Europe cruises
USA Today

Fares for upcoming cruises in Europe are on the decline, according to one of Wall Street’s top industry watchers.

In a research note released today, UBS’ Robin Farley says the firm’s Cruise Data Tracker is showing a 4.9% drop over the past two weeks in average fares for Western Mediterranean sailings. Fares for Eastern Mediterranean sailings also are down, though by a more modest 1.8%, and prices for Northern Europe trips have dropped by 2.3%, Farley says.

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