News and Deals: April 9, 2012 – Forget Travel if You Owe the IRS, French tourists killed in fire at illegal Bangkok hostel, Kentucky horse tracks face tough times and Hotel guests prefer free Wi-Fi to other amenities

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Forget Travel if You Owe the IRS

If he were in charge of travel, the Soup Nazi might say, “No Passport for you!” In real life, travel may seem unrelated to taxes, except perhaps for those annoying airport taxes on international destinations. But a bigger tax and travel connection could keep you at home—permanently.

A tax law quietly proposed a few months ago—Owe IRS Taxes, Lose Your Passport—is quietly gaining momentum. Now more people have noticed. If you owe the IRS? You’re Not Going Anywhere if this law passes. In America, we love to tinker with our tax laws. Congress is always introducing one bill or another to tweak an already bloated and increasingly dysfunctional tax system.

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French tourists killed in fire at illegal Bangkok hostel
‎Washington Post

A French tourist has been killed in an overnight fire that engulfed an illegally operated budget hotel in one of the Thai capital’s main tourist districts.

Police say the fire started at a bar on the ground floor of a three-story building in the city’s Khao San Road neighborhood, an area popular with backpackers and budget travelers. Five tourists escaped but a 27-year-old Frenchman was found burned to death.

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Kentucky horse tracks face tough times

Away from the picturesque farms dotting bluegrass country, the mega-dollar yearling sales at Keeneland and the twin spires at Churchill Downs, the tradition-laden sport of horse racing is in danger of falling off the pace in its old Kentucky home.

Venerable tracks now offer $1 beer-and-hot dog promotions, live music and night racing to boost attendance.

While tracks in other states have parlayed casino gambling into higher purses, Kentucky lawmakers have resisted allowing such a move. Everyone from breeders to railbirds worries that it will eventually render the home of American horse racing an also-ran.

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Hotel guests prefer free Wi-Fi to other amenities
‎News 10NBC

Hotel guests would rather have free Wi-Fi over high-end coffee makers and workout equipment.

According to a survey from, 38-percent of the 415 guests polled said that free Wi-Fi was a must when staying at a hotel. Thirty-five percent also said free Wi-Fi was the single amenity they want to see more of and 31-percent reported they wanted it to become a standard amenity.

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3 Responses

  1. Daryl Fritz

    Hotel guests would rather have free Wi-Fi over [..] workout equipment.

    This actually scares me a little bit, and I’m an Internet junkie.

    • Matt Long

      I just think it means it’s their #1 want, over any other perk, including a fitness room. If given the choice, I would also pick free internet over a gym. I can always go for a walk around the block 🙂

      • Daryl Fritz

        Ya, since you put it that way. I guess you could just Google “working out without equipment” or something.

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