News and Deals: March 28, 2012 – Passengers Restrain Captain After Crisis on JetBlue Flight, Tourists returning to Tunisia, Are airlines withholding seats so you’ll pay a premium? and French tourism campaign uses photographs of South African beach

JAX Airport

Passengers Restrain Captain After Crisis on JetBlue Flight
New York Times

The captain of a JetBlue flight from New York to Las Vegas suffered a bizarre midair breakdown on Tuesday morning, forcing passengers to restrain him as the plane made an emergency landing in Amarillo, Tex., where he was removed from the aircraft and hospitalized.

Passengers said the captain of Flight 191 was acting erratically outside the cockpit and could be heard shouting about Al Qaeda and bombs being aboard.

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Tourists returning to Tunisia
‎Independent Online

Tunisia’s key tourism industry has begun to recover in the wake of last year’s revolution, and the number of foreign visitors is likely to rise by about 20 percent this year, Tourism Minister Elyess Fakfak said.

“We expect a high number of tourists compared to last year, an increase of about 1 million,” he told reporters at a regular news conference.

Tourism accounts for 6.5 percent of Tunisia’s gross domestic product and employs about one in five people directly or indirectly.

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Are airlines withholding seats so you’ll pay a premium?

A few months ago I booked a flight for two and then went to select seats on the airline’s site. Based on the destination and time of year, I was surprised to find only two adjacent seats were available without paying a premium. But I was even more surprised a few weeks later, when we boarded the aircraft and a flight attendant announced that only 30% of seats were occupied, so we should all feel free to stretch out.

So how could a flight that looked nearly full a month earlier wind up with seven out of ten seats empty? That’s a question only the airlines can answer, and they’re not eager to provide many details.

Are some carriers intentionally holding back seat assignments, in the hope we’ll all pay for “premium” seats? It’s a fair question, and the evidence is intriguing.

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French tourism campaign uses photographs of South African beach

The high-profile advertising campaign featured photographs of what it claimed were French locations coupled with what the country’s tourist board described as “humoristic” Olympics related slogans.

French tourism bosses have spent over half a million pounds plastering the London Underground with the posters and buying expensive newspaper advertising supplements.

Unfortunately for them, however, two of the advertising posters feature images of a beach some 5,500 miles away in Cape Town, South Africa.

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