News and Deals: February 23, 2012 – Family stranded after passport denied because of crease, Recycled hotel soap saves children’s lives, Airlines attempt new fare hike and Top five bargain destinations for spring 2012

Family stranded after passport denied because of crease
Fox 31 Denver

A Denver family was supposed to be in Belize this week enjoying a beach getaway with their loved ones.

Instead, they’re in a hotel room in Dallas, TX because an American Airlines official there claimed they had a mutilated passport.

“We started at Denver International Airport, where we checked in and all our passports were checked very thoroughly,” said Kyle Gosnell.
Gosnell, his wife Dana, and their young son, Kye, received boarding passes all the way through to Belize City.

But in Dallas, they hit a roadblock. “They took a look at our passports and said that my passport was mutilated, therefore I wasn’t able to fly,” Gosnell said.

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Recycled hotel soap saves children’s lives

What happens to the bar of soap you barely used the last time you checked into a hotel room? Most certainly it’s gone to waste at the end of each day.

This was a shocking revelation for Ugandan humanitarian and social entrepreneur Derreck Kayongo during his first stay in a U.S. hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the early 1990s.

“When i checked into the hotel, there were 3 bars of soap – there was body soap, hand soap and face soap and that did not include the shampoos – and so for me that was a new experience, I was thinking to my self, “why do they have soap for every part of their bodies?” Kayongo recalls. “Now, my goodness, why would you throw away such a resource?”

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Airlines attempt new fare hike
Appleton Post Crescent

United and Continental airlines are bumping up prices again, just a week after raising fares because of high fuel costs.

A spokesman for United Continental Holdings Inc. said that his company raised prices on Tuesday night by $4 to $10 per round trip.

Officials for Delta and American said Wednesday that they matched the increase, while Southwest and US Airways spokesmen said their airlines had not. JetBlue and Alaska Airlines did not immediately respond for comment.

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Top five bargain destinations for spring 2012
USA Today

Everything is greener in spring, including your wallet if you choose your travel destination wisely. Squeezing in a vacation before the onslaught of summer means fewer crowds and lower prices—a winning combination by any standard. This spring, sip a coconut cocktail under a palm tree or explore one of Europe’s oldest wine regions.

I’ve monitored trends, industry news, and sale patterns to point you in the direction of places that offer the best bargain values for the coming season. Below you’ll find examples of deals currently available for spring trips. Like all deals, these are sure to expire; however, a little research on your part can yield similar results when you’re ready to book.

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