News and Deals: December 13, 2011 – Results of LGBT travel survey announced, Travelers at high risk of identify theft experts say‎, Tourism threatens tiny Philippine primate and Fraudulent airline ticket orders on the rise

Results of LGBT travel survey announced

For the 16th year in a row, San Francisco based Community Marketing has released their findings on the current travel statistics pertaining to the LGBT demographic. LGBT travel has actually increased over last year, despite the dull economy.

Findings from Community Marketing, Inc.’s (CMI) 16th Annual Gay & Lesbian Tourism Study have been announced. This year, CMI had over 10,000 LGBT participants take the survey.

1. Overall, the LGBT community has increased their travel in the last year, compared to the year before. Most destinations surveyed increased LGBT travel by 1 to 3% in the past year.

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Travelers at high risk of identify theft experts say‎
USA Today

The last time John Sileo took his daughter to DisneyWorld, it ended up costing much more than he expected.

When he returned to his hotel after a day at the theme park, his bank notified him that his credit card had been shut down because someone had gone on a $3,000 online shopping spree. He suspects the person used a smartphone to snap a picture of his card number at the theme park’s electronic ticket booth.

Ironically, Sileo, an identity theft and fraud expert in Denver, had traveled to Orlando to give a speech to the Treasury Department on avoiding identity theft. But given that Sileo spends more than 50 days a year traveling for work, even he faces particular challenges to protecting his personal information.

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Tourism threatens tiny Philippine primate‎

The tiny creature turns its head slowly through 180 degrees and stares, boggle-eyed as another group of noisy tourists takes its picture from just inches away.

This is the Philippine tarsier, one of the smallest primates in the world. It is a remarkable animal, just 10 centimetres (four inches) tall, weighing 120 grams (four ounces), with a rat-like tail, bat-like ears, and giant eyeballs, each one as big as its brain.

Its strange appearance is obvious, but what these tourists may not realise is that their very presence is putting the animal at risk.

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Fraudulent airline ticket orders on the rise
‎Los Angeles Times

The number of fraudulent airline tickets ordered in the U.S. has surged recently, with more than $1 million in unauthorized tickets issued in the last few months.

The Airline Reporting Corp., the Arlington, Va.-based company that settles transactions between the nation’s airlines and travel agents, reported Monday 82 incidents of unauthorized tickets ordered from August to November.

The face value of the fraudulent tickets in 2011 is more than $1 million, with the largest single incident valued at more than $77,000, according to ARC.

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