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1. They Draw & Travel

Rather than a post, I want to share a cool new website I found thanks to a post I read on Visual Vacation. The site compiles original foodie maps of destinations around the world. You really have to check it out to understand better, but the site features amazing design work highlighting the best and most fun places to eat in cities around the world. It’s the perfect blend of travel, food and design. Below is a link to one of my favorites, but be sure to explore their entire site.

Sydney, Australia

2. Traveling Canucks

Cam & Nicole are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met and that kindness, along with their genuine love of travel, is seen in every post they write. I loved this post, not just because it’s a favorite spot of mine, but for the level of detail in the article. A lot of people post photos of the Riviera Maya, but few do it justice like the Traveling Canucks.

Hidden Paradise on the Caribbean Coast of Tulum

3. Flying With Fish

Steven is one of great aviation experts in the blogosphere, and I constantly find myself on his site not just for the insight into the aviation industry, but for his insight into the process of flying itself. For a long time he’s been tracking the various misdeeds of the TSA and I love the honesty in this post in which he ‘named names.’

The Legality Of The TSA’s ‘Enhanced Pat Down’ Authority

4. Solo Female Traveler

I only discovered my love of traveling in the Middle East last year, but Sabina found that same passion many years ago. I love this post for its honesty as well as Sabina’s experience in the region which shines through.

Six Trues and Falses of the Middle East

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