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Top Travel Blogs

Top Travel blogs

1. The Quirky Traveller

I was first attracted to this post because I had never before heard of Puerto Pollensa. I, incorrectly, assumed it was in South America, but I soon learned that it is another great destination in one of the most beautiful areas of the world.

Puerto Pollensa shopping – flip-flops, pan pipes and non-pc fruit …

2. Bacon is Magic

I love dogs, a lot, and apparently so does Ayngelina. I have rescued three dogs, two of which are Siberian Huskies, so any mention of dog sledding instantly draws my attention. I’m usually very skeptical about the activity as a tourist experience, but I love this post for the positive spin Ayngelina puts on the sport.

Ididamile and I want more

3. Being Koy

I have to admit, this is a new site for me, but I already really enjoy it. I loved this post in particular because it’s about a part of the world I love (Turkey) and is a beautifully written argument for the importance of slow travel, something I rarely have the opportunity to do myself.

Choosing the slow path

4. Trans-Americas Journey

I love the story behind this travel site and been following their adventure for a long time. One thing I don’t think travel bloggers do enough is to detail some of the annoying, confusing and bizarre experiences that necessarily occur on any trip. This story about a failed border crossing highlights the fact that travel is unpredictable and sometimes difficult, but that’s what makes it such a great experience.

Access Denied – El Salvador Border

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  1. Andi of My Beautiful Adventures

    Checking these out now, have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Roy Marvelous | Cruisesurfingz

    Nice round up! Some new bloggers to follow.

  3. Raymond @ Man On The Lam

    These are all keepers! Great list…

  4. A Lady in London

    Great list! I am a dedicated reader of two of them already, but will have to check out the rest!


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