Courtyard Hits it Big with Airline Passengers

The Courtyard Hotel

Last week I was traveling through Charlotte-Douglas International Airport like I have a thousand times before, connecting from one US Airways flight to another when I noticed something different. There, in Terminal E, was something new – a charging station. More than just that, it was sponsored by Courtyard Hotels. I was intrigued.

Let me preface this by saying Courtyard didn’t ask for this post in any way. I saw what they did, was impressed and I want to share what I think is a great marketing idea.

On a raised platform, Courtyard had recreated their newly redesigned lobby which also served as a charging station where anyone could charge their computers, phones, iPads – anything with a plug. As any traveler will tell you, especially business travelers, keeping our various electronics charged can be a constant struggle. Anytime I can get a few minutes alone with a plug, I consider myself lucky.

Courtyard capitalized on this need and instead of just slapping some signage on a easel, they went to the trouble of creating an engaging way for people to learn about their hotels. The booth was well designed and attractive. The design elements were modern, sleek and stylish, reflecting the new direction of the brand. I’ve stayed with Courtyard many times in the past but even I couldn’t help walk away with an improved impression of the hotel brand.

So many hotels falter when it comes to creating interesting, engaging and useful marketing so I just have to applaud Courtyard for designing a smart campaign that targets their demographic in a inoffensive manner that actually works.

Good job.

To experience the lobby display for yourself, look for them in Charlotte and Philadelphia International Airports now through the end of July.

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