News and Deals: 03/04/2011 – Luxury hotels rent rooms by the hour, Airlines raising domestic fares, Worst hotel views and Kobe’s Controversial Turkish Airlines Ad

Trend: Luxury hotels rent rooms by the hour
USA Today

Upscale hotels are taking a page from those no-tell motels where you see cars parked in back at lunchtime while couples engage in low-rent activities.

At a time when hoteliers are trying to get more heads in beds, some are letting guests book a room for a few hours for a lower rate than an overnight stay, according to my USA TODAY colleague Barbara De Lollis and a story in the Chicago Tribune.

The Tribune cited a popular promotion by Manhattan’s Le Parker Meridien around Valentine’s Day that cost $150 for a four-hour stay between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. (about less than half the price of a nightly stay). Included were pay movies, a half-bottle of Champagne and strawberries with whipped cream.

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Airlines raising domestic fares again
Washington Post

Major U.S. airlines are raising fares again, and the only question might be the size of the increase.

This is the sixth broad fare increase the airlines have tried this year. They are raising fares to cover higher jet fuel prices, and the strategy seems to be working.

US Airways said Thursday that if the trend toward higher revenue continues, it will be able to cover foreseeable increases in fuel costs.

In the latest fare hike, American Airlines raised fares on flights within the 48 contiguous states by $10 per round trip, spokesman Tim Smith confirmed on Thursday. Delta Air Lines boosted fares even higher – up $10, $14 or even $20 per round trip depending on flight length, according to spokesman Trebor Banstetter. The Delta increase was originally aimed at business travelers who buy last-minute tickets but was expanded to all fares after American’s price hike.

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Close the curtains! USA TODAY readers reveal worst hotel views
USA Today

Have you ever checked into your room and immediately wanted to close your curtains?

Unfortunately, many USA TODAY Road Warriors know that feeling well as they check into hotel rooms and, every now and then, find a disappointing view.

Some travelers have found awful views despite having VIP status with a particular hotel chain, visiting a tropical paradise or staying in a hotel that’s next to a landmark.

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Kobe’s Controversial Turkish Airlines Ad Debuts

We’re not sure if Kobe Bryant needed the paycheck, but the Lakers star nonetheless struck a two-year endorsement deal a couple of months back with Turkish Airlines, a decision that has since angered the Armenian community and especially the hundreds of thousands of those living in California. For those of you who have never opened up a history book, over a century ago, 1.5 million Armenians were murdered at the hands of the Turkish government, and since that time, Armenians have been trying to convince said government as well as the U.S. Congress to recognize the mass murder as genocide.

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  1. Andi of My Beautiful Adventures

    I didn’t know about the Kobe commercial controversy. I did just see another Turkish Airways ad that I loved with a bunch of futbol players.


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